Jane Doe Inc. has partnered with its member organization The Network/La Red to create this first of its kind sexual and domestic violence prevention campaign in Massachusetts focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender communities.

Our goals are two-fold: to spread awareness about sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities and to ensure that services, systems and the public respond and meet the needs of LGBQ/T survivors and victims.

We want your voice to help shape this campaign. Tell us how you envision a world free of sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities by submitting a video completing the statement "I Want a World..." Videos not your thing? Express your "I want a World" vision through poetry, drawings, or whatever medium best suits you.

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@NNEDV #EJSummit18 #intersections b/t #naturaldisasters and #SADV after the hurricane that hit PR @CoordinadoraPazParaLaMujer reported #SADV cases have increased. The #lackofaccess #lackoftransporation has resulted in more than 33 cases of women murdered as a result of #SADV. To learn more please visit
JDI is here at NNEDV’s opening night of the 2nd annual Economic Justice Summit: Focusing on Finances. Super excited to be with colleagues, learning from eachother and bringing back knowledge to our work with our Economic Justice Webinars. #EJSummit18
Set your Facebook photo to #ReimagineManhood for March 2018. Join the #Revolution for #GenderEquity #RacialJustice #HealthyMasculinities
No matter how far you are on your career, your professional development continues @LEAP #WOCleadership #WOClead
It is with great sadness that we write with the news of the first domestic violence related homicide of 2018 that occurred in North Adams over the weekend. Mark Steele-Knudslien, 47, went to the North Adams police station Friday night and told police that he had killed his wife, Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, 42. Christa was active in the transgender community in western Massachusetts and well-loved and known by many across New England and nationally. JDI in collaboration with our member programs - Elizabeth Freeman Center, The Network/La Red, NELCWIT and Safe Passage have been working together to reach out to the LGBQT Community and to put this homicide in context. If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out to a domestic violence program for free and confidential services.
ICYMI: NECN segment on what is toxic masculinity and how to counter it with Northeastern Athletic Dir Peter Roby and JDI’s Diana Mancera Roby Sue O'Connell #ReimagineManhood
After #RemaigeManhood how do we keep the conversation going about sexual harassment?#WhatIWillChange
Tune in to NECN at 7 PM tonight Monday, December 18. Host Sue O’Connell and guests Diana Mancera from Jane Doe Inc. and Peter Roby from Northeastern University Athletics to talk about toxic masculinity and what we can do about it. Sue O'Connell Peter Roby necn #ReimagineManhood
We love charts! Charting our way to Community leadership. #ReimagineManhood
#CommunityOrganizing for genders-based violence prevention. Thanks @TrinaJackson! Building trust, acknowledge shortcomings, take accountability, fill gaps!! #reimaginemanhood
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