Jane Doe Inc. has partnered with its member organization The Network/La Red to create this first of its kind sexual and domestic violence prevention campaign in Massachusetts focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender communities.

Our goals are two-fold: to spread awareness about sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities and to ensure that services, systems and the public respond and meet the needs of LGBQ/T survivors and victims.

We want your voice to help shape this campaign. Tell us how you envision a world free of sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities by submitting a video completing the statement "I Want a World..." Videos not your thing? Express your "I want a World" vision through poetry, drawings, or whatever medium best suits you.

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Intersectionality describes the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined or remedied separately from one another. This week, Jane Doe will use our social media platform to explore the ways in which all these forms of oppression are connected and what that means for the movement to end sexual and domestic violence.
In Recent News - The struggle for acceptance can be linked to an increasing number of suicide attempts by transgender individuals.
In Recent News - White House petition calls for investigation into rising transgender murders
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With rising stars like Laverne Cox and Caitlin Jenner it is easy to assume that the transgender community is getting a great deal of attention and respect but many transgender Americans, like the late India Clarke, continue to face gender biases in cis culture - even after death.
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Join #BlackLivesMatter at 7pm today in Dudley Sq in response to the #BlackTransLiberation Tuesday call to action!
Save the Date - @FamNurturingMA hosts Father's Family Fun Day at Dorchester's Harambee Park on September 19 12 PM - 4 PM
Mark your calendars now - Individuals and organizations across the U.S. will honor Transgender Awareness Week, November 14– 20, to help raise the visibility of #transgender and #gendernonconforming people, and address the issues these communities face.
With increased visibility in national news and media many of us are talking about the transgender community. JDI joins the conversation in an effort to share resources, answer questions, and continue the dialogue.
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