Jane Doe Inc. has partnered with its member organization The Network/La Red to create this first of its kind sexual and domestic violence prevention campaign in Massachusetts focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and/or transgender communities.

Our goals are two-fold: to spread awareness about sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities and to ensure that services, systems and the public respond and meet the needs of LGBQ/T survivors and victims.

We want your voice to help shape this campaign. Tell us how you envision a world free of sexual and domestic violence in LGBQ/T communities by submitting a video completing the statement "I Want a World..." Videos not your thing? Express your "I want a World" vision through poetry, drawings, or whatever medium best suits you.

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Attend. Follow. Support. #MarchforBlackWomen on Saturday September 29 in DC and Sunday September 30 in NYC have quite the lineup: BlackWomensBlueprint #BelieveSurvivors
Cosby sentenced to 3-10 years. “No one is above the law, and no one should be treated differently or disproportionally,” Judge Steven O’Neill said. If you or anyone you know needs support regarding sexual violence, please reach out to your local Rape Crisis Center for free and confidential services.\find_help\search
NCADV @BarrierFreeL a shelter for SADV survivors with disabilities #accessibilitymatters #overcomingbarriers
Psyched to be here with 45 people from Massachusetts! #voicesrising #survivorspeaks #dvfacts #disarmdv #believeSurvivors NCADV Conference- follow online, several sessions will be available live. Together we can prevent gender based violence.
“Two missions equal one common denominator” explained Naomi Wadler as she wowed the crowd with her remarks about how domestic violence and common sense gun laws are connected and how young black girls like her are at more at risk of both. Thanks Naomi for shining your #BlackGirlMagic on these issues and calling people to account. #VoicesRising #Vote #AintNobodyGotTimeForMisogyny
“Overwhelming majority of business community understands that trans rights are human rights.” Bob Rivers called upon all business leaders to take active stand to vote #YesOn3 Eastern Bank “We need everyone’s perspective.”
Proud to be at #YesOn3 Rally. What’s at stake? #Freedom #Safety #Dignity. Let’s make MA the firewall against discrimination.
Why is JDI voting Yes on 3? Toni Troop, JDI's Director of Communications and Development shares her reasons.
Why is JDI voting Yes on 3? Hear from Diana Mancera, JDI's Director of Membership and Programs.
Why is JDI voting Yes on 3? Transgender public accommodations is a civil rights issue and critical to the safety, health and dignity of a vulnerable community. Listen to JDI staff people share their own personal reasons. Let's start with Ariel Valdes, JDI's Special Projects Coordinator:
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